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  • Traditional Estate Fencing surrounding a stone wall

Traditional Estate & Parkland Fencing

We specialise in the manufacture and installation of traditional Estate fencing and Parkland fencing. Originally manufactured in wrought iron, the modern method uses mild steel and if installed properly is the strongest, most long lasting method of retaining stock or defining boundaries. As well as its longevity, Estate fencing represents a subtle elegance, its thin steel section being less intrusive and therefore enhancing traditional landscape. 

Our method of continuous welded construction results in a seamless fence with no visible joints, linking collars or clips. This gives the fence greater strength and flexibility to hug contours and follow graceful curves, as well as enabling clean circles This is the real thing, not be confused with the ‘modular’ version, which is usually imported, and sold in kit form.


Imported modular fence badly installed by a different companySmooth curves on a continuous welded fence by Stonebank Ironcraft

We manufacture all components ourselves and install our fencing anywhere in the UK or Europe using our own fully employed specialist teams, We never use sub contactors.

One of the advantages of our method is its adaptability. Lower rails can be round or flat, We can change the rail spacing to suit (ie to match existing fence or gates) and can adapt the fence height or number of rails.

Round lower rails2 rail protective fence

Most Estate fencing is painted black. In our case steel is shot blasted, primed, and painted on site with 2 further topcoats to give the best possible rust resistant treatment.

We have also been one of the pioneers of Bare metal fencing - a mild steel fence untreated and left to gradually rust. Apart from the natural rust colour which looks really good, it creates a really strong fence with minimum visual impact on landscape or views.


We generally do not recommend a galvanised finish except in extreme places. But can do so if required.

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Please see other pictures below showing examples of how we sometimes end sections of fencing, and other details available.

QuadrantDecorative end postStandard end post - finial optional

Insulator attachments for electric fenceCurved attachment for barbed wireCurved top for safety fence

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Britannia logo

Stonebank Ironcraft Ltd will from now on be trading as Britannia Metalwork Services. The ownership has not changed, however following our purchase of Britannia Architectural Metalwork, for the sake of rationalisation, good housekeeping and presenting a clearer picture of who we are and what we do we have decided to bring the two businesses together under the name of Britannia Metalwork Services Ltd.

Both businesses will retain all of their existing employees and their specialist skills. The two divisions trading under BMS Ltd will be known as Britannia Architectural Metalwork and Britannia Fencing.

For details of Britannia Architectural metalwork please see www.britannia.uk.com

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Product Finishes

Rusty bare metal ironwork fencing

Bare Metal (BM)Paint at home or let the product weather naturally with surface rust.

Hot dip galvanised metal ironwork fencing

Hot Dip Galvanised (HDG)Silver grey in colour this weathers to a natural dull grey.

Black painted metal ironwork fencing

Painted FinishesSteel is prepared and finsihed with a coat of oxide primer and two coats of semi gloss enamel.