All of our canopies are bespoke, made to order, made to any size and can accommodate the following:

Drain pipes, pre-existing windows and vents, flat or pitched roofs and made to fit ground conditions e.g attach front of canopy to front railings, follow steps and slopes etc.

Design of Canopies

Structure – the support structure of the canopy can be made from mild steel, cast iron or a combination of both. This can be zinc thermal arc sprayed.

Roof - Canopies can have a roof made from zinc, lead, copper, mild steel sheet or glass. We do not provide zinc, copper or lead roofing in house, but have relationships with firms that are able to supply roofing systems from these materials.

Glazing - Britannia do not glaze roofs, it is not our expertise. We have created many glazed canopies in the past and work with glass specialists around the country to achieve some fantastic results.

Freestanding/Attached to Buildings - Britannia has a range of decorative elements including posts/columns, brackets and friezes from its library of patterns.

Our canopies can be finished in any RAL colour in a variety of finishes.

Britannia Canopies


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