Air Bricks

Air bricks (sometimes known as air vents) are similar in shape and size to a house brick, they are manufactured with holes in them to allow air circulation around buildings. This ensures that the cold or damp air doesn’t sit in voids or empty spaces, they prevent damage to timbers and other materials. Air Bricks can be installed internally or externally.

We have a wide range of original patterns for our cast iron and aluminium air vents from Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian periods as well as contemporary designs.

Our Air Bricks come in three standard sizes and we offer circular air bricks.

• 9”x3” (150mm x 75mm) (Same shape and size as a standard air brick)
• 9”x 6” (225mm x 150mm)
• 9”x 9” (225mm x 225mm)

Please note that some of our air bricks are not to the exact sizes as stated above, Please check product data sheet for more information.

Britannia states the free and face area of all our air bricks on the datasheet. Please click here for the datasheet explaining the free/face area.
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Bespoke Air Bricks

Some of our customers request individual air brick designs. This may be to match old patterns no longer available or fit specific sizes. Please call us to discuss, or for advice on design, drawings, pattern making or castings. To see examples of bespoke vents see Bespoke Air Bricks.


Air Brick Specification and Finishes


Air Bricks can be provided with fly mesh at an additional cost. Mesh is used to prevent insects and rodents from entering the premises through the vent. Please see mesh specifications below.
Material: Stainless Steel 304
Mesh Count: 16
Diameter: 035
Please note the addition of mesh closes the free are of the brick by a further 40%.



Our cast iron and aluminium air bricks are available in bare metal or painted.
Aluminium are powder coated black. Cast Iron bricks receive 2 coats of red-oxide primer and are finished in semi- gloss black. Detailed paint specifications are available on request.
All of our Air Bricks can be painted to a specific RAL colour but are subject to an additional fee. Special colour matches are also available and are subject to minimum order levels.


Thermal Arc Spraying Finishes

Our thermal arc spraying facilities enables us to offer additional cost effective finishes, please see below. For more information on arc spraying please thermal arc spraying.
Bronze: Brush, antique/patina, mirror & Matt finish
Copper: Brush, antique/patina, mirror & Matt finish
Nickle: Brush and mirror finish
If you have a finish that we have not mentioned, please call us and we will be happy to help.


Casting Process

Cast Iron Air Bricks

Our cast iron air bricks are cast using the No-Bake or Airset Moulding Process. In this process sand is mixed with 1-2 liquid resin components and a liquid catalyst component.

The mixed sand is placed against the pattern or into the corebox, after a period of time, the core/mould has cured sufficiently to allow stripping from the corebox or pattern without distortion. The cores/moulds are then allowed to sit and thoroughly cure. After curing, they can accept a refractory wash or coating that provides a better surface finish on the casting and protects the sand in the mould from the heat.

Aluminium Air Bricks

Our aluminium air bricks are cast using the Green Sand Process. In this process, granular refractory sand is coated with a mixture of bentonite clay, water and, in some cases, other additives. The additives help to harden and hold the mould shape to withstand the pressures of the molten metal.

The green sand mixture is compacted through mechanical force or by hand around a pattern to create a mould. The mechanical force can be induced by slinging, jolting, squeezing or by impact/impulse.


Why Choose Britannia for your Air Bricks

Britannia have been manufacturing air bricks for over 25 years. Our experienced in house team will be able to assist you choose the right product or advise on bespoke bricks. We ensure high quality castings and finishes, each air brick is checked prior to dispatch to ensure customer satisfaction. Britannia will ensure delivery is met by your deadlines but if for the rare occasion we are unable to, we will contact you immediately.

Please see below some comments from our customers:

“The customer service provided by Britannia Metalwork Services Ltd was second to none when dealing with my enquiry to source some cast iron airbricks for our Grade II listed building. All queries were handled very efficiently and promptly either by telephone or e-mail and the staff were very knowledgeable and friendly. When the airbricks arrived, I was impressed with the quality of the casting and finish and they will definitely enhance the appearance of our property once they have been fitted. This company is highly recommended!”

M Ribbans, West Sussex

I recently ordered some air bricks from Britannia and was very pleased with the service I received. I wasn't sure what size I needed, so they helped me chose the best size brick for my needs. They also tried saving me money by offering me cheaper alternatives to the one I had requested. Delivery was quick and the staff were very polite and helpful throughout. I would definitely use them again.



All air bricks can be ordered online or via telephone on 01242 820582. For any questions prior to ordering please get in touch using the contact form.

Air Bricks will be delivered between 3-5 days depending on quantities and finishes, our team will notify you with a lead time if we are unable to deliver within this time scale.

Need help? Contact our experts

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