Grilles & Gratings

Grilles are usually made from Cast Iron or powder coated Aluminium. They can also be cast in bronze or brass or flame sprayed which can then be polished or finished in a number of ways.

Apart from being used to disperse heat in Churches and Greenhouses (Temperate House in Kew Gardens has a large number of our cast iron grilles) they can also be used as decorative ventilation grilles for shop fronts, set into steps or walls to act as air vents for cellars and basements and for ventilation covers on the outside of houses. They can also be seen in steps for ventilation to basements and flooring for external or internal balconies.

Britannia Grilles and Gratings-01
Britannia Grilles and Gratings-02

Shop Front Grille


Britannia Grilles and Gratings-03

Bronze Grille


Britannia Grilles and Gratings-04

Temperate House

Floor Grille - CGA03



We have a large number of patterns mostly of Victorian origin, many of which have been drawn from the original decorative grilles. We have a large number of different size patterns for our various designs and can usually find a way of providing a bespoke solution at a reasonable cost.



There are a large number of ways these can be finished. In cast iron they can be left as bare metal and polished, or primed and painted, usually black. In Aluminium they are usually etch primed and powder coated in any standard RAL colour. In Bronze or Brass they are usually polished.

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