A good quality fence is all about detail, the start and end points, the way a fence properly flows to suit its landscape and the specific ways the fence can be finished or adapted to suit its required purpose

We make as standard a number of accessories to suit all of categories of estate fencing and all of which can be adapted to suit a particular installation.

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End Posts

Usually needed at either end of a fencing run or where the fence turns at a right angles. Options range from a small discrete square post to a traditional cast iron corner post.

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A practical and decorative way of finishing a fence on the edge of water, end of a wall or haha.

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Cattle Grid Sides

Designed to match estate fencing, can incorporate posts and/or quadrants.

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Rabbit/ Dog Proofing

Two different options depending on requirements. Rabbit netting is dug into the ground and outwards to prevent digging and dog netting is attached to the full height of the fence.

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To prevent livestock rubbing against the fence we can adapt standard electric insulators and attach these to the fence upright either welded or bolted.

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Providing access across a fence without the need for a gate, we offer simple steps, ladder stile or pedestrian hurdle.

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Lamb Wire

Whatever anybody tells you standard estate fencing is never fully sheep proof., young lambs can often find their way through the lower gaps of a fence. We can drill and wire the gaps mid rail to make this more difficult.

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