Estate Gates

Our Estate Gates are usually set within a run of Estate Fencing and therefore match the dimensions and style of the fence.

Single gates can be made to any width up to a max of 3.6m, double to 7m. We make all our gates in the Gloucestershire workshop.

Estate gates are usually divided into the following categories:

• Pedestrian Gate up to 1.5m wide
• Field Gate 1.5-3.6m wide
• Double Pedestrian up to 3.6m wide
• Double Field 3.6m – 7m


We have a number of designs to choose from (see gallery) and are happy to adapt these designs to meet clients requirements, including detail variations on all gates.

Gates can be made to different levels of detail depending on taste and budget.
Britannia Estate Gates-01
Standard Fabricated Gates with Steel Posts

This is a beautifully fabricated gate with welded joints, hung on hollow section steel posts, capped or topped with finials.

18--Britannia-Estate-Gates 19--Britannia-Estate-Gates

20--Britannia-Estate-Gates 21--Britannia-Estate-Gates

Standard Fabricated Gate with Cast Iron Posts

This is a standard gate as above, but hung on old fashioned newly cast posts

22--Britannia-Estate-Gates 23--Britannia-Estate-Gates


Fully Forged Gate - handmade by our in house blacksmith

Forged components, all joints rivetted in the traditional methods, hung on newly cast iron posts.

06--Britannia-Estate-Gates 17--Britannia-Estate-Gates

Steel Posts

We offer a variety of posts as follows:

24--Britannia-Estate-Gates 25--Britannia-Estate-Gates

26--Britannia-Estate-Gates 27--Britannia-Estate-Gates


Estate gates are often used at the entrance of a property or farm, and can be hung between stone, brick or timber gate piers.



Cast Iron Posts

These are traditional gate post designs which we cast on our own foundry in Hertfordshire from new patterns.

11--Britannia-Estate-Gates 30--Britannia-Estate-Gates



How Our Order Process Works

The majority of our gates are made as part of a fencing project. We work closely with clients, initially to find out/advise where gates are needed, and for what purpose, and subsequently we will usually show or send the client a file of photographs with examples of gate designs and different options. After some discussions we will produce drawings and ultimately a final drawing of the agreed design will be sent to the client for approval before manufacture.


Britannia do not automate gates, it is not our expertise. Many of the gates we make are automated and we have worked with many automation specialists around the country. We can usually recommend an Automator and we will liaise with them, send drawings/dimensions and ensure that the gates are manufactured to suit the particular system chosen.


Need help? Contact our experts

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