Thermal Arc Spraying

The process uses electricity to energise two wires (positive and negative) of a material to be sprayed.

The wires are fed into a pistol head where they meet and form and arc creating a molten cloud of the wire material, pressurised air forms the cloud into a jet of small particles.

As the particles hit the surface they “flatten out” similar to paint droplets, creating an extremely strong bond with the substrate material.

We offer many finishes such as galvanising (zinc or aluminium coats), bronze, copper, chrome, nickel and titanium, as well as a high durability “non-slip” black coating which is based on aluminium. Please see table below for more detailed finishes.

Britannia Thermal Arc Spraying-01
Table of Detailed Finishes



The coatings thickness is variable, we can spray as little as 70microns (0.07mm) up to over 1000 microns (1mm).

Thermal Arc Spraying Video


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